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When initially applying for the business grant, one of the reasons I approached Command Coaching, besides already knowing Sam and Adam, was they were not only willing but had the skills and capability to create a program specifically for me and what I wanted to achieve. No other company I spoke to could do that for me which could be an issue if you have to supply two quotes when applying for a grant.

I was so excited at our first meeting as it was all actually happening. Sam and Adam outlined the plan for the next twelve weeks to again ensure it fitted with what I wanted to achieve in terms of outcomes and expectations. What I also liked was their flexibility as I was due to start an 8 week contract with a new firm, but as Sam will often tell you in #RealLifeBiz sometimes shit happens and you have to work around it!

While some of the above items were quite obvious and were terms I was familiar with, what the hell are tripwires and onboarding??? Anyway I knew by the end I’d be a pro as one of the grant conditions was they teach me the skills rather than just implement the program for me which is great because I also want to perform a lot of these changes in my second business Sassy Biz when I have time!

Well a couple of weeks into the program I had issues with my website and had to restore the previous days backup which meant I had to recreate all the work we had achieved myself, so you can’t say I didn’t learn anything! Sam and Adam have also been great support who I can contact when unsure of any processes. I was used to playing around with my website and willing to have a go but would by no means consider myself technical, trust me there has been a lot of googling going on.

Work so far, I have been creating heaps of new pages on my existing My Business Partner website to accommodate the Biz Bootcamp programs including membership pages, information about the Bootcamps and including content for downloads. I have also been creating a lot of new content often asking those in Facebook business groups what they would like access also keeping in mind my target market. I am trying to be more structured and active on FB particularly with my closed group ‘Kicking Business Butt!’

We are several weeks in now and it’s still exciting as ever as I see my dreams of providing skills, resources and tools to business owners on a larger scale come to fruition.

Continue to follow my journey and updates!

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