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Some of you may be aware I recently successfully applied for a Business Grant to enable me to create both online and face to face workshops and bootcamps for business owners to provide them with the skills to successfully run their businesses. Over the next few weeks/months I intend taking you on this exciting journey with me

It all began ………..

Over the Christmas/New Year break when after a few days of holidays I started getting a little bored and thinking about the analogies of fitness training and business owners and how;

– Having natural flair or skills does not make you a professional athlete the same way you can be a fantastic hairdresser but it doesn’t mean you know how to run a business
– All the best sports people have coaches and trainers, they can’t do it alone
– Training with others in a group pushes you further and provides great support

As a CPA accountant with over 15 years experience I have always wanted to share my  knowledge and skills in a more effective way rather than one on one and decided Bootcamp is the way to do it!

I was so excited and full of ideas of where I wanted to go with this but wasn’t really sure where to start. At a business planning workshop in January someone mentioned a business grant currently offered where the government would pay 75% of all costs for innovative projects. This was how I was going to get my Bootcamps up and running!

I reviewed the business grant criteria and believed I fulfilled the requirements which included that the funds were to provide me with the skills and training to successfully create and run the workshops and bootcamps myself not simply hire a consulting company to do it for me. This proved quite difficult as there were several areas I wished to address including;

  1. Provide the training to enable me to present workshops and courses
  2. Provide the training and tools to enable me to create workshops and courses including

          – Workbooks

          – Visual Tools/Aid

          – Further Resources and Tools

          – Evaluation and Assessment Techniques

3. Provide the training to implement the workshops and courses including website development as required

          – Create new Biz Bootcamp page on existing website

          – Additional plug-ins required for members only log-in

          – Enable on-line shopping and payment

4.Provide guidance based on prior industry experience and knowledge to price the workshops and courses       accordingly
5. Provide the training to successfully market the workshops and courses including creating course outcomes and benefits, social media event pages and links for member sign-ups

As you can see my criteria was quite varied and it was going to be quite difficult to find two providers who could fulfil these requirements to submit quotes with the grant. My first stop was to talk with Sam and Adam from Command Coaching and Training, they were already friends and I felt there combined skills would enable me accomplish what I needed without engaging several organisations which I didn’t think would work as well. As well as having structured courses such as the Cert IV Training and Assessment Command Coaching and Training were able to tailor a course to suit my needs, personal skillset and desired outcomes. Luckily my business grant was approved on submission of a single quote based on the above difficulties in finding other companies who could replicate the training offered.

Next week we get planning and start on The Bootcamp Journey, I can’t wait. Join me as we progress through the process and watch my dreams come to fruition!

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